Ports Of Call: Aruba

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Welcome to Aruba, a constituent island of the Kingdom Of The Netherlands

Aruba's motto is, One Happy Island.  Let's see what has everyone smiling!

Let's start with a visit to Arikok National Park.  Wait until you see these views!

This video shows activities that children would enjoy.  What would you like to do first?

Cadets will be eager to hike through this tropical rainforest past flowers, trees, ponds, and a waterfall.  Throughout the hike, they will be surrounded by colorful butterflies.  

Our cadets have spent the last three weeks on the ocean, now it is time to travel under the ocean.  Would you like to take a trip in the Atlantis Submarine with them?

Rather than being confined to a submarine, cadets who are SCUBA certified may prefer to get up close and personal with the colorful fish off the coast of Aruba.

Here's one island resident that the cadets do NOT want to meet up with!

You've may have seen an owl in a tree or on a roof, but have you ever seen one that makes its home in the ground?  Our cadets may spot one while they are in Aruba.  Get to know the island's burrowing owl.

Have a wonderful
(virtual) trip to Aruba!