On Deck: Create An Eye Slice With 4/C Bailey Macvaughn (MTRA - Hampstead, NC)


4/C Bailey Macvaughn, a Marine Transportation major from Hampstead, North Carolina, knows that creating an eye splice is a skill that must be practiced and perfected.  He also understands that you have to start small.  Bailey is eager to show off his latest eye splice to student followers. 

cadet holding eye splice

Click on the link to hear Bailey talk about his eye splice.


close up of eye splice

An eye splice is used to place a permanent loop in the end of a rope, generally for attachment something to a fixed point. It can only be done on ropes with multiple-strands.  The ends of the rope are tucked back into the standing end of the rope to form the loop. 

For natural fiber rope, a minimum of three tucks is required for an eye spliceAt least five tucks are needed when working with synthetic rope.  You can make the loop any size. 

All dock lines should have an eye splice in one end. 

You can learn how to create an eye splice.  Check out this video!

Would you like to try making an eye splice?  Don’t worry if you don’t have a three-strand rope.  You can create your own “rope” using three long strands of yarn or string.  Use a paperclip to tuck the ends back into the standing end of your “yarn rope” to form the loop.

Teachers, if your students create eye splices, we’d love to have you share photos with us.  Please email them to ftvsubmissions@gmail.com.

three pieces of yarn being braided


eye splice on deck of ship
eye splice on deck
eye splice mooring lines