On Deck: The Art Of Whipping A Line Using A Method That Mariners Have Used For Centuries


All lines aboard the TS Kennedy will unravel and fray at the end unless action is taken.

Wrapping the line with duct tape is not a long-term option.  As the lines are used and reused on deck in the sea air, the tape will eventually rub off or disintegrate.

For centuries, mariners have been whipping line ends with twine to tightly bind them.  Whipping remains the best and longest lasting method for securing the end of the line.

Whipping twine is the only tool that you need.

Check out this video clip of a cadet showing off his latest example of whipping!  Click on the link below.

cadet whipping



Here is a 3-minute video explaining how to whip the end of a rope.   You can find additional how-to videos online.

Test your whipping skills!

Teachers: If your students decide to put their whipping skills to the test, we’d love to see photos!  Please send photos to ftvsubmissions@maritime.edu.