Number Of The Day: 1,200

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According to Chartwells Dining Director, Bob Cobb, 1,200 pounds of bacon was loaded onto the TS Kennedy for Sea Term 2023.  As you may have guessed, the cadets and crew members LOVE bacon.  

Each pound of bacon cost Chartwells $5.55.

Are you sensing a mathematics lesson here?  I know I am. 

1.  What was the total cost of the bacon for Sea Term 2023?

Bob Cobb looked back in his records and discovered that he brought 975 pounds of bacon on Sea Term 2017.

2. How much more bacon was brought for Sea Term 2023, than was brought for Sea Term 2017?

As you may have heard your parents and grandparents mention, the cost of food has gone up, up, up in recent years.

In 2017, Bob Cobb paid $3.02 for a pound of bacon.

3.  Compare the cost of 15 pounds of bacon in 2017 with the cost of 15 pounds of bacon in 2023. 
A.  Identify the cost of 15 pounds of bacon in 2017.
B.  Identify the cost of 15 pounds of bacon in 2023.
C.  Identify how much more 15 pounds of bacon costs in 2023, than in 2017.

Of course, we already know all of the answers but we'd love to know how you figured them out. 

If you solve one or more of the problems and neatly show and explain the process, please have a parent or teacher send along a photo of your work to  You are welcome to use your favorite methods to solve the problems.  You may share your answers in the form of a charts or diagrams.

bacon in box
bacon on trays
bacon in refrigerator