Little Buc's Video Vault: TS Kennedy Responds Following Natural Disasters (2017)

Little Buc

Ahoy, Followers -

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have been given a great honor.

To celebrate the final voyage of the TS Kennedy as Massachusetts Maritime Academy's training ship, I have been given the key to the video vault.  

That's right!  I have dusted off every video taken aboard our training ship as both the TS Enterprise (2004-2008) and the TS Kennedy (2009 - present).

Today, I want to share three videos that makes me VERY proud.  Not only has our training ship helped educate countless men and women over the years, it has also been ready to lend a hand when natural disasters have struck.  

You won't want to miss, Massachusetts Maritime Football Team Aid Harvey Victims and Massachusetts Maritime Returns After Weeks Assisting With Hurricane Relief

The first video was produced as football players helped load supplies onto the TS Kennedy to be delivered to Houston.  

The second video was produced on November 17, 2017 to mark the homecoming of the TS Kennedy after her work in Texas and Puerto Rico

I know that our Cypress, Texas followers from Bridgeland High School, Spillane Middle School, and The Carlton Center will enjoy learning that our training ship spent time helping out in Texas.  I am also excited for our Fort Hood, Texas followers from Clear Creek Elementary School, Meadows Elementary School, and Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary School  to find out.  And let's not forget the kindergarten students at Green Valley Elementary School in Schertz, Texas.  They'll be excited too.I hope that our followers from Antilles Middle School in Puerto Rico and the students from Puerto Rico following with the Department Of Defense Virtual School know how much their island means to the TS Kennedy and her crew.  Our training ship was in Puerto Rico for six weeks.

At 1:03, you will see an interview with Captain Campbell.  

This video was produced the following year, in 2018.  The TS Kennedy was put on standby when Hurricane Florence was threatening the Carolinas

I hope that our followers from North Carolina and South Carolina know that we were ready to help if needed.  

I honestly could not be more proud of the TS Kennedy, Captain Campbell, and the ship's crew.  

Thanks for taking a trip back in time with me.

Your favorite historian aboard the TS Kennedy

Little Buc