Little Buc's Adventures: Can You Solve My Turtle Mystery?

Little Buc

Ahoy, Followers -

I received a video clip from 1/C Training Rate Paige Albertson.  Paige is a Marine Engineering major from Nantucket, Massachusetts.  While in St. Thomas, she went snorkeling and got up close and personal with a turtle. 

Check out Paige's video clip!

Now I am determined to figure out what kind of turtle Paige saw.   That's where you come in.   Will you help me solve this mystery?

Here are some clues.  There are three types of sea turtles found in the waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands; the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, the Green Sea Turtle, and the Leatherback Sea Turtle

I have already crossed out the Leatherback Sea Turtle.  I read that spotting one is very rare.  Also, I don't think that the turtle in Paige's video clip was black, do you?

sea turtle poster

So we've narrowed it down to two possible turtles.

Did Paige see a Hawksbill Sea Turtle?  Study this photo.  Compare the Hawksbill Sea Turtle with the turtle in Paige's video.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Did Paige see a Green Sea Turtle?  Study this photo.  Compare the Green Sea Turtle with the turtle in Paige's video.

green sea turtle

Still stumped?  So am I!  Maybe these two posters will help you and your classmates make a choice.

chart comparing turtles
poster comparing two turtles

Watch the video clip again.  Talk about it as a class.  Try to come to an agreement. 

Ask one spokesperson for your class to write down the name of the turtle that you chose on a white board or a piece of paper.  Include 1-3 sentences explaining why your class made this choice.   

Teachers, please take a photo of the turtle name and sentences.  Email the photo to me at  

I can't wait to hear from you!  I am so excited to figure out what type of turtle Paige saw.

Your favorite turtle-loving pirate,


Little Buc