Sea Term Flashbacks: Cruise Highlights (1960s)


When Massachusetts Maritime Academy cadets call home and speak with friends and family members back home, they’re always asked, “What has been one of the highlights of Sea Term?”.

Step into our time machine!  Travel way, way back in time to find out how cadets answered this question in 1960, 1962, 1963, and 1969.

life ring that says 1960s

Sea Term 1960
“The highlight for most of us was the seeing of Pope John XXIII celebrate Easter Mass in St. Peter’s. 
Outside in the crowd, many midshipman listened as the Pope addressed the world.  

Another enjoyable day was had when Miss Miami and her runner up came aboard.”

Pope in robes
newspaper clippings of Miss Miami

Sea Term 1962
“The Mardi Gras was really amazing.  Hordes of celebrating people danced through the French Quarter in tranquilized pandemonium while the crowd doubled each day for seven days.”

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Sea Term 1963
“A party given by the mayor of San Juan for Joe Louis was attended by the middies at the invitation of the mayor.”

boxer joe louis with gloves

Sea Term 1967
“We sailed down the St. Lawrence to Montreal and Expo ’67.  We docked within the gates as guests of the Exposition.  It was a place we will never forget; the fair was fascinating (the lines weren’t long at that time of year) and the city was one of the most beautiful we had ever visited.”

expo 1967