Captain's Log: January 2, 2023

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Monday, January 2, 2023

Hello Follow The Voyage – Share The Experience Program Participants -

While it is still rather quiet on the Bridge, I want to write my first entry in the Captain's Log for Sea Term 2023.   Things are about to get very hectic aboard the TS Kennedy

1/C cadets (seniors) in leadership positions, called Rates, arrived at the end of December.  Their help will be critical when the rest of the cadets arrive tomorrow.

Later this morning, all remaining cadets participating in Sea Term 2023 will return to campus and board the ship for what we refer to as Alongside Week.  They will each be carrying a large sea bag, similar to the oversized duffle bags that athletes carry.  The sea bags will be packed with all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that they will need for the next seven weeks.  Each cadet received a detailed packing list that they were asked to adhere to.  They were encouraged not to bring many extras.  Storage space is very limited in the cadet holds. After the cadets get unpacked, they will be kept very busy.  There is a lot to accomplish before the TS Kennedy departs on Sunday morning, January 8th. 

In addition to attending meetings and participating in safety drills, the cadets will assist in the loading of supplies.  They will work as a team to transfer the countless pallets and boxes that contain the food and beverages that will be needed for Sea Term 2023 - from the dock to storage closets and freezers aboard the ship.  It's a team effort! 

Just wait until you see photographs showing the large volume of food being loaded onto the ship.  Our hardworking cadets and crew aboard the TS Kennedy get very hungry - and the food must last until the ship returns to Buzzards Bay on Sunday, February 19th. 

Thank you for participating in Follow The Voyage - Share The Experience Program.  I am looking forward to having you be a part of our voyage. 

I welcome your questions.  Teachers may email a list of questions to  Mrs. Franks, Coordinator of Follow The Voyage - Share The Experience, will make sure that I get your messages within a few hours.  I cannot guarantee that I will be able to answer all of the questions received, but I will certainly try.

Mrs. Franks is also hoping to add a different student-created drawing or painting of the TS Kennedy to each Captain’s Log. 

Work hard in school this week, and know that we are doing the same here aboard the TS Kennedy.

Captain Michael J. Campbell
Master, TS Kennedy

student drawing of TS Kennedy
This drawing was created by a talented student at Barnstable United Elementary School in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts.

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