Captain's Log: February 8, 2023

Ships Wheel

Good morning, Followers –

When your family is getting ready to host a birthday party or a holiday celebration, do you offer to do a few extra chores?  When your class is preparing to welcome guests for an Open House or a performance, do you work with your teacher and classmates to get the classroom clean and organized?  Something very similar is happening aboard the TS Kennedy this week.

On Saturday evening in Fort Lauderdale,/Port Everglades, we will welcome special guests to the TS Kennedy for a reception on the Helo Deck.  Joining us will be alumni, generous supporters of the Academy, and current and former faculty and staff members. 

Cadets and crew members are scrubbing, scraping, and painting - determined to make sure that our old ship looks as clean and welcoming as possible.  Chartwells is getting ready to work their culinary magic once again.  Every year, our guests rave about the food.

Back on the campus of Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the Advancement Office has spent months planning and organizing this reception.  They will be here to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

We are currently following the Old Bahama Channel, a strait between Cuba and the Bahamas.  It is about 105 miles long.  At its narrowest point, it is about 14 miles wide.  The Old Bahama Channel was discovered in the 1500s.   

old bahama channel rap

We've had a little bit of rolling due to the direction of the seas, but nothing exceptional.

Many Massachusetts classes have emailed to ask when the TS Kennedy would be returning to Taylors Point on Sunday, February 19th.   As you may remember learning as Departure Day approached, the TS Kennedy may only depart or arrive at the dock during high slack tide.  On the 19th, high water slack is at 0830.  Are you ready to get up early to welcome the TS Kennedy home?  Talk about it with your parents and mark your calendar.  We’ll talk more about it next week.

Work hard today!

Captain Michael J. Campbell
Master, TS Kennedy

The masterpieces below were created by students in Dalton, Massachusetts.  We are all very impressed with the details that were added.  

pencil drawing of ship
drawing of ship