Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Teeson Snow (MENG - Cypress, TX)


Meet 4/C Teeson Snow, a Marine Engineering major from Cypress, Texas, a bustling Houston-area suburb.  He attended Keith Elementary School, Saleyards Middle School, and Bridgeland High School.

 When asked how her son developed his love of boating, his proud mom explains, “Teeson grew up on the coast and going boating. He spent his childhood fishing, going to the beach, and participating in many outdoor water activities. The majority of our family vacations revolved around being by the ocean or water, touring maritime museums, or viewing historical ships.”

From a very young age, he was infatuated with boats and ships. He would look at boating magazines, read books about boats, study boat designs, and watch videos about boating in his free time. Every year our family attended the boat show.  He would spend hours exploring them all and picking up any materials they had to further read about the newest designs. He also developed a love of boating as he was often out on a boat offshore fishing. He has toured many boat manufacturers with the intent to learn more about design and production.”

 Teeson was eager to hear his grandfather’s stories about his time in the United States Navy.   He enjoyed looking at his grandfather’s photos.  Although his grandfather has passed on, Teeson keeps his memory alive by wearing his Naval dog tags.  His grandfather’s uniforms are some of Teeson’s most prized possessions. 

 Teeson’s mom explained how her son decided to attend Massachusetts Maritime Academy, As he has always desired to pursue a career related to the marine industry, he started doing research in high school. He researched all the schools that offered marine engineering and made a list of his options and preferences. Based on the best education, hands on learning, small class sizes, regimental lifestyle, obtaining his coast guard certification, Sea Term, and return on investment, he narrowed his #1 choice to MMA. After flying from Texas to attend the student orientation in March and meeting Coach Mike Kelly, Teeson knew this was definitely the place for him.”

Teeson would like to give a shoutout to the five schools following from Texas.  He can feel your support all the way from the Lone Star State.  Because Teeson enjoyed his grandfather’s stories about his time in the U.S. Navy, he is sending warm Caribbean breezes to all of the students following from Department Of Defense and military base schools both in the United States and around the world. 

Cypress is just 24 miles northwest of downtown Houston, Texas.  Check out the video below to see all that Houston, Texas has to offer.

teeson with a ship captain
Was this when Teeson first began to think about a career at sea?


  • Teeson in a boat at a dock
  • Teeson on the bridge of a ship
  • Teeson by a destroyer
  • Teeson on a truck with his sister