Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Max Bowman (MTRA - Falmouth, MA)


Meet 4/C Max Bowman, a Marine Transportation major from Falmouth, Massachusetts

Max’s mom explained that her son was brought surrounded by the ocean.  Both of his grandfathers were boat owners and taught him to love bass fishing. 

Five or six years ago Max began working for Todd Taylor of West Falmouth Mooring Services

Mrs. Bowman shared, “The morning business is not easy.  Throughout the day, Max is diving, cleaning, and getting things stuck out of the grass. At that time Max knew his calling would be on the water of some sort, so he wanted to look into Massachusetts Maritime Academy.”

Max is thrilled to see so many students following from his hometown of Falmouth.  He sends a high-five to students at Mullen Hall School and Lawrence Junior High School.

Today is Max’s 20th birthday!

boy on boat