Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Kyle Souza (MENG - Falmouth, MA)


Meet 4/C Kyle Souza, a Marine Engineering major from Falmouth, Massachusetts, a picturesque New England town known for its beautiful beaches.  Kyle attended Mullen Hall School, Morse Pond School, Lawrence Junior High School, and Falmouth High School

Growing up in this seaside community, Kyle couldn’t help but develop a deep love for the ocean and boating.

Kyle was inspired by his maternal grandfather, Paul Tierney, who graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1959 with a degree in Marine Engineering.

Kyle’s grandfather worked on ships for a while after graduation, before taking a position at Pratt & Whitney.   He owned Northeast Engineering which is now located in Cataumet, Massachusetts.  The business is now owned by Kyle’s uncle.  Northeast Engineering has employed a few MMA graduates over the years.  Paul Tierney served on the Academy’s Foundation and was a member of the Board Of Trustees. 

Kyle’s grandfather was a classmate of Rear Admiral Maurice Bresnahan, a Navy officer who became the President of Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 1998.  He died in 2004 after a brief illness.  Rear Admiral Maurice Bresnahan, left a legacy on campus that included a $30 million training ship, modernized classrooms, and improved dormitories. Today, the Academy’s Bresnahan Engineering Building is named in his honor. 

Kyle is sending a high-five to students following from his two former schools, Mullen Hall School and Lawrence Junior High School.  He is looking forward to enjoying liberty in Barbados over the upcoming weekend.

Kyle is wearing a lifejacket
Kyle's love of the ocean came naturally.