Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Jack Millican (MTRA - Mobile, AL)


Meet 4/C Jackson Millican, a Marine Transportation major from Mobile, Alabama, the state’s only saltwater port. 

Jackson attended the Mobile Christian School for grades 1 – 12

Fishing and boating were favorite childhood activities for Jackson.  He once told his mom that he felt “at home on the water” while operating his family’s boat. 

Jackson’s dad, who retired from the United States Coast Guard introduced his son to all that Massachusetts Maritime Academy has to offer.

Jackson is sending a big hello to all of the students from Alabama who are participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program, especially those following from Mobile Christian School.  He also would like to give a shoutout to all of the students with parents who have served, or are serving, in the military.

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  • Jackosn walking the beach
  • Jackson in a kayak
  • Jackson in a kayak in a pool
  • Jackson holding a fish on a boat
  • Jackson by the ocean