Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Cameron McManus (MTRA - Lake Como, New Jersey)


Meet 4/C Cameron McManus, a Marine Transportation major from Lake Como, New Jersey

Cameron attended St. Rose Grammar School from kindergarten to grade eight.  He graduated from St. Rose High School.

Cameron’s proud mom was eager to talk about her son, “We live at the beach and have been going since Cam was born. Any time we travel we find ourselves near the water. The ocean has always been a part of his life.  Living on a lake and so close to the ocean offers many opportunities for boating and fishing. Cam has always felt comfortable on a boat, surfing, fishing and on the water. 

Lake Como sign

Cam didn’t have to look far for inspiration to pursue an at-sea career at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.   His Dad. His father is a graduate of SUNY Maritime in New YorkCaptain McManus is in the Merchant Marines and is a retired Navy reservist. 

Cam sends some Caribbean sunshine to students following from his home state of New Jersey.  He also sends a high-five to all of the faith-based private schools participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program and all of the students that are growing up on a lake.

young Cam in a kayak
young Cam in a boat