Cadet Spotlight: Meet 4/C Ben Reforsado (MTRA - Scituate, MA)


Meet 4/C Ben Reforsado, a Marine Transportation major from Scituate, Massachusetts, a seaside town midway between Boston and Plymouth.  Ben attended Hatherly Elementary School, Gates Middle School, and Scituate High School

Ben’s love of the ocean came naturally.  He was born into a family of boat owners and grew up on by the water.

Ben is sending a high five to the student following from his hometown of Scituate.

Would you like to visit Cadet Reforsado's hometown?  Click on the video below and fly over beautiful Scituate, Massachusetts.

Scituate Lighthouse was built in 1810.  Learn more about it in the video below.


  • a tug passing Ben standing on the shore in winter
  • Ben sitting in a boat in his yard