Cadet Spotlight: Meet 1/C Mitchell A. Maida (MENG - Burlington, MA)


Meet 1/C Mitchell A. Maida from Burlington, Massachusetts.  In June, Mitchell will earn his degree in Marine Engineering.

Mitchel attended Fox Hill Elementary School, Marshall Simonds Middle School, and Burlington High School.

His dad served in the Navy as an officer for sixteen – first active, then reserve.  Mitchell has always loved hearing stories of his dad's journey as an officer. 

Mitchell's grandfather had a love for boats.  Therefore, growing up Mitchell was exposed to boating with his grandfather.  

Mitchell sends warm Caribbean breezes back to all of the students participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program who have fallen in love with boating thanks to the positive influence of a grandparent.  On behalf of his dad, Mitchell sends a high-five to all of the students following from Department Of Defense schools and military base schools. 

Mitchell in a tshirt that says :future sailor"
Mitchell's magic t-shirt was able to predict the future!