Cadet Spotlight: Meet 1/C Kevin Flahive (MENG - Westborough, Massachusetts)


Meet 1/C Kevin Flahive from Westborough, Massachusetts!  Kevin is just five months away from earning a degree in Marine Engineering degree from Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Matthew attended Hastings Elementary School, Gibbons Middle School, and Westborough High School.

Visits to Cape Cod beaches as an infant and throughout his childhood developed Kevin’s his love of the ocean.   and boating.  His first word after, “Mama!” and “Dada!” was, “Boat!”

Kevin is following in the footsteps of his older brother Nick who earned a Marine Engineering degree at the Academy in 2014.

Kevin is sending some Barbados sunshine to all of the students participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program who are celebrating Island Day back in their classrooms. 

baby Kevin on a boat
Kevin with dad and brother
Kevin was just thirteen years old when his older brother Nick graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine Engineering.