Cadet Spotlight: 4/C Paul Leiser (MTRA - Seaville, New Jersey)


Meet 4/C Paul Leiser, a Marine Transportation major from Seaville, a community located within Upper Township in Cape May County, New JerseyPaul attended Upper Township Elementary School and Upper Township Middle School.  He graduated from Ocean City High School.

Paul’s mom explained that her son began boating when he was just two months old.  As a baby, he'd sleep on board in his car seat.  The sound of the diesel engine would put him to sleep.  Paul grew to love sailing, fishing offshore, and loves boating in general.

The inspiration of three great men propelled Paul to pursue a Marine Transportation degree at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.  His great-grandfather, Ed Irion, served our country for six years in the United States Navy.  His grandfather, Paul Leiser, took Paul boating and fishing his entire life.  And of course, Paul’s dad, Randy Leiser, who had his son sailing before he could walk. Paul carries the stories they told, the advice that they imparted, and the countless hours of happy memories with him as he begins his first Sea Term.

Paul sends a big hello to students following from his home state of New Jersey

Knowing the important role that the U.S. Navy played in his great-grandfather’s life, Paul would also like to send a hello to all of the students following from Department Of Defense schools and military base schools. 

Would you like to take a virtual trip to Cape May, New Jersey and see some of the places where Paul and his family visited?  Check out the two videos below.  (The second video is shorter and more fast-paced.)

  • baby Paul on a boat
  • toddler Paul driving a boat with a sailor hat
  • toddler Paul on a boat with mom
  • young Paul on sailboat with sailor hat