Cadet Blog: Birthday Boy, 3/C Jacob Thorpe (MTRA - Woodland Park, CO) 1-25-23


0000 strikes which means it’s officially the second birthday I have now spent aboard the TS Kennedy.

I got fortunate enough that my closest friends brought cake for me as I stand a utility watch and sang, “Happy Birthday!”

old birthday photo of Jacob

Happy Birthday, Jacob!
Your mom shared this flashback birthday photo of you.
Now we know that you like Gummy Bears.

The last time I wrote to you all it was before Barbados so I figured I’d fill you all in. We arrived in Bridgetown that Friday and get tied up alongside but unfortunately due to some scheduling our spot wasn’t open. So that night we sailed back out and I was able to help put away the gangway and help the pilot (a guy with local knowledge) get off the ship safely.

Check out these photos of the ship's pilot climbing down the ladder on the side of the ship.  (Photo credit to 23/C Nicole Awalt (MTRA - Harwich, MA)

pilot leaving ship on ladder
pilot leaving ship on ladder

Click on this video clip of the Pilot just after he reached the boat that was waiting for him.

The next day not too much happened but we were able to pull back in around 1800. That night me and a few friends walked down a beach and ended up getting dinner at a restaurant in a place called St. Lawrence Gap.
Here is a glimpse at the area called St. Lawrence Gap.  

shot of street at night in small village

The next morning, we were allowed off the ship at 0800 me and my friends headed to Acra (Rockly) Beach for the morning then off to Cuzz’s Cafe, a local favorite.  Then we hung out at the beach next to Cuzz’s for the rest of the day.  That night, we once again headed to St. Lawrence Gap for dinner. The next morning, we pushed off of the pier and headed out to sea again.
Jacob and his friends managed to track down an island favorite.  Check out this fish sandwich that has made Cuzz's Fish Stand famous! Both locals and tourists line up to order a "cutter", the name given to this fried piece of flying fish.  

close up of fish sandwich
fish stand on beach

Last night I had midnight to 0800 cleaning because believe it or not the ship always is being cleaned. So as I start a new day and new year of life I’m reminded of all the things I’m grateful for such as my wonderful parents and brothers Sam and Eben. I’ll catch you all again real soon. Till then…

Happy birthday, Jacob!  Thanks for a great blog!  I am glad that you had an opportunity to assist the pilot.  I was looking for a place to use Nicole's awesome photos. It is fascinating to watch the pilot climb up and down the ladder, isn't it?  

Thanks for telling us where you ate in Barbados. That allowed me to find a photo of the restaurant.  That makes it more "real" for our followers.  Now everyone will be wishing that they could have a cutter for lunch.

Here's to a great year!