Cadet Blog: 4/C Remy Chiep (IMB - Lynn, MA) 1-30-23


Hello, everyone! Welcome again to my Sea Term journey. 

On January 20th, we got to Barbados and it was a beautiful sight to see.  Unfortunately, as in the shipping business, things are due to have set backs so we had only a few hours in Barbados. The Captain granted all of the cadets liberty which was an amazing opportunity for all of us to experience how wonderful the country is.

For Division 1, it was especially disappointing.  Barbados was the port that we were supposed to get all three days off, but again nothing was going according to plan. A few hours later we got amazing news and that TS Kennedy was able to come back to the port and dock up.  We got granted liberty, but it was already nighttime.   The next day we got the full day in Barbados.  I joined a group of friends.  We got in a taxi and went out for and amazing breakfast.  We ate pancakes, then got coffee. After that, we went to the beach.  It was a great day and night.

Time At Sea:
After all those days of fun, we had to get back into the rhythm of things.  We got to see how the port workers unhook the mooring lines, and how the cadets brought in the mooring lines.  That was a tough job because they had to do it property and safely.  We watched how the pilot gets on and off the ship.  They drop a ladder made for a pilot so he or she can climb up and down safely without getting injured or tossed around.

So a few days later the IMBU cadets got the chance to help with the mooring lines.  We also got to take a tour in the Engine Room.  The next day we had our first exam. It was tricky. but I felt like I did a good job on it. 

Then the next day got to Aruba, which is my preference.  I decided to walk around to scope out the place and to see how friendly the islanders are.  I discovered that they are wonderful people.   After walking around for a few hours, I found a group of people that I talked to throughout Sea Term.  The worst part was that when we docked, the island lost power so some shops were closed.  Then a few hours later on, the power to the island came back on and shops started to open up.  Again, my group had an amazing time in Aruba. The next day, a group of friends we went on quads and went around the entire island.  We took pictures from up top of the mountains which was so beautiful.  We rode to the beaches, mountains, and trails which was so much fun.  I had a blast with all my friends.

IMBU Field Trip:
After we did all the fun things, the IMBU group got a chance to go on a cruise vessel called Celebrity Edge.  The cruise ship was so beautiful.  The crew and staff are just so friendly and kind.  They brought us to the Bridge where it was so spotless and clean.  The technology was one of the best on the sea.  Then we got a chance to go see the Engine Control Room which was so stunning. I didn't want to leave the ship.  I just want to thank my professor, Ashok Pandey and the staff of the Edge for an amazing time on the vessel.

Thank You:
Now we are off to St Thomas for an amazing time. Have a great day.  Thank you for reading about the journey we are having.

Remy, thanks for your recap of what has been happening since your last blog.  We like your curiosity and enthusiasm. 

What an opportunity to get a tour of the Celebrity Edge!  Professor Pandey has wonderful connections in the industry.  

Here are some photos of the areas that you visited on the ship.

celebrity edge
bridge of celebrity edge
celebrity edge bridge
controls celeb edge
engine control room