Cadet Blog: 4/C Pricilla Murray (MENG - North Andover, MA) 1-15-23


Hello my fellow seamen!  I am back. Today was an exhausting day. My division was on maintenance and it was tiring. On maintenance, we help the Boson, Tom Tucker, and the First Mate, Melissa Turner, maintain the boat. Jobs could include needle gunning, painting or help moving things.

The morning was a blast on maintenance. I was helping launch the lifeboats to make sure they work. My best friend on cruise, Ceca Del Rosso, was able to take a ride in Lifeboat #2 which was cool to see. Then my group broke for a yummy lunch from Chartwells. For lunch, they served meatball subs and eggplant pram. For dessert there were these yummy apple fritters. That was my favorite part.

For afternoon maintenance, I help the Boson move supplies up to the Helo Deck for Monday At Sea. It was tiring because the weather in Puerto Rico is high 70s and humid.

At the end the day, I went to the Mess Deck to play some card games with my shipmates. Stayed tuned for next blog because I have some exciting things happening. Overall, today was a good day and can’t wait to write my next email to you seamen. Catch you later!

Thanks for your blog, Pricilla!  Your many fans appreciate your honest recap of your day.  It must have been hard working out on deck in the hot sun.  That is so great that Ceca got to go in Lifeboat #2 when it was tested.  We have posted all of the photos and videos that we received of the testing.

You seem to always put a positive spin on things even if your day is tough.  That is such an inspiration for students who may be reading your blog and having a tough day of their own.