Cadet Blog: 4/C Mary Boujoukos (MENG - Bridgewater, MA) 2-1-23


This week has been so draining for me.  I’ve switched over to the engine side and have been on maintenance. Deck maintenance is a lot of painting and small jobs, but a lot of engine side maintenance is in the engine room. With it being above 100 degrees in there, it takes a lot out of you.


I’ve done some random odd jobs on maintenance this week.  Like today, I was working with seniors to put some bearings back together on pumps. And I worked with a Refrigeration Rate (senior) this morning to go do a full check in on all of the refrigeration temperatures throughout the ship - ACs, refrigerators, vents, fan rooms, everything. It was cool to go into some places I never even knew existed. 

infared heat gun
This infrared heat gun is used to measure temperature. 

We watched a pyrotechnics demonstration during our fire and boat drill today. It was to better familiarize us with how to use emergency flares and signals if ever need be.

rocket flare being given off
box of hand flares

I’m moving over to utility for tomorrow and will have Engine Room watch during our first day in St Thomas on Friday.    

Mary, your honesty is very refreshing.  You are working so hard.  There are bound to be challenging days. 

Since it is below freezing back in Buzzards Bay, we may be a little jealous about the 100 degree temperature in the Engine Room.

We look forward to hearing from you next week!