Unfortunately, much still hasn’t been going on for me, as we finished onload and an extremely quick pace. Usually when we’re dockside, anyone on a maintenance rotation would do onload, but since it’s all done, I kind of just had another free day. Tomorrow and Sunday, I have my watch rotation, and unfortunately I start tonight at midnight until 0400. Then again tomorrow 1600-2000.

On Sunday, as the ship gets underway I’ll be on watch from 0800-1200 and from 2000-0000. Definitely not looking forward to it as I’m rotating on outdoor watches.  Normally, when we’re underway we’d keep watch for anything out of the ordinary. But, because we’re still dockside, there isn’t much at all to keep an eye out for.

At least on Sunday we’ll finally be moving so it’ll be a bit more exciting. I’m just hoping it’s a clear night so I can try to look out at the stars!

Thanks for your blog, Mary!  I can tell that you are ready to leave the dock.  Don't worry!  Departure Day is almost here.

You will love your Deck Watch on Sunday - looking out at the sea as you leave New England behind and head towards sunshine and adventure.

Please keep the blogs coming!  Our 21,692 student followers are anxious to hear all about your Sea Term.