Cadet Blog: 4/C Mary Boujoukos (MENG - Bridgewater, MA) 1-4-23


Hello again, all of you aspiring sailors!

The last two days have been pretty relaxed for me. Though l haven't learned much, I've really started to get into a routine and get used to how the schedules on Sea Term work.

I had maintenance on Monday into Tuesday, midnight to 0800. It actually wasn't too bad, I got to explore the ship while doing my cleaning duties. Yesterday, I spent the second half of my day helping on load, which is where we bring all the food and supplies onboard. Today was just about the same, besides a quick safety meeting and a Boat Drill at 1600. It may sound boring, but the time still flies.

This is all a part of what it takes to go to sea for such a long period of time. Next time you hear from me, I'll be underway. See you then!

Here's the view off the ship this morning.

I’ve attached some photos below of the CO2 Room on the ship and an outside deck, both of which I took during my maintenance cleaning. 

CO2 room
deck at night

Thank you for introducing us to the CO2 room, Mary!  I'll share information with our followers about its purpose in the next few weeks.

We are glad that you included a video clip.  It was a foggy morning in Buzzards Bay.

As we all saw in your first blog, your positive attitude is already helping you get the most out of Sea Term.