Cadet Blog: 3/C Salvador Relle (MTRA - Belle Chasse, LA) 2-17-23


What’s up, Followers? So today was my very last day of utility and I had to stand laundry /gym watch to make sure everything is good and nothing is broken and no one is getting hurt. I am currently studying for my final exam which is on Friday, which is tomorrow. I feel confident and ready to take the exam. The captains that were instructing us this cruise are very good and they give out a lot of good information. I’m so ready to take this exam and head home.  We only have 3 days left.

Thank y’all again for following. That was my day. 

Salvador, thanks for checking in!  We hope that your exam goes well.

In honor of your last blog, I thought that I would post this photo, to show our student followers and your friends and family back home that Louisiana is well-represented throughout the TS Kennedy.  

Safe travels!  Thank you for sticking with blogging until the end.

rope wrapped around a post that says Louisiana