Birthdays At Sea: January 8th - 14th

Birthdays at Sea

Many people dream of boarding a ship and departing on a 6-week Caribbean cruise on their birthday.  It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate, doesn't it?

For two cadets, that dream became a reality yesterday.   4/C Sydney Sawyer and 4/C Ryan Dusablon both celebrated their birthday on Departure Day.  Sydney is a Marine Transportation major from Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Ryan is a Marine Engineering major from Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Best wishes to Sydney, Ryan, 3/C Noah Myers, and all of the other cadets and crew members celebrating birthdays aboard the TS Kennedy this week.  Ryan is a Marine Engineering major from Charleston, South Carolina.  

Sydney by ship
sydney with birthday cake
sydney with mom and cake
Ryan blowing out candles
Ryan with cake
baby with birthday sign