Faculty Conversations

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Each Faculty Conversation has a brief reading to frame the discussion. Additional resources for each discussion may also be highlighted.
Fall 2019:

November 20th - Tips for how to make class prep more manageable

October 22nd - Inspiring a growth mindset

September 23rd - Strategies to encourage students' critical reading

Spring 2019:

June 6th - Strategies for assessing group work

April 23rd - How to more effectively implement group work in the classroom 

March 25th - Boosting Metacognition


Fall 2018:

September 25th - Using rubrics for grading and feedback

October 23rd - Increasing student motivation to better promote learning 

November 27th - Academic integrity: strategies to reduce cheating in the classroom

Spring 2018:
March 12th - Promoting civic and global learning in the classroom
April 17th – Strategies for de-centering the classroom
May 17th – Lessons learned from implementing an online course