Faculty FAQ

Look No Line at the Registrars Office!!  Please let us know how we can help you -  just create a ticket to get in our virtual line.  

Get Help from the Registar's Office

Q:  How can I submit an Academic Alert for a student who is failing or at risk of failing?

A:  Feel free to download our Fillable Academic Alert form. You can send it to us through the Virtual Registrars office or email it to registrar@maritime.edu

Academic Alert Form

Q:  How do I submit a Grade Change?

A: Create a Ticket in the Virtual Registrar's office- You can submit one change at a time or attach a spreadsheet for a group of students.

Q:  How can I report a student not attending my classes or MIA?

A:  You can email registrar@maritime.edu or create a ticket-  we will reach out to the student, their other instructors and ComCad to see if we can help the student get back on track.