Experiential Learning Abroad Programmes

The International Maritime Business Unit has various programmes for International Experiential Learning and Cultural Awareness. This specialized education, training and learning is an important part of the success of any person involved in the shipping industry because of its global nature. Students are given an opportunity to understand the cultural and human story behind the maritime industry. This experience enriches IMB cadets as they learn about pride in the positive and humane parts of the heritage of all cultures they engage with while giving back and learning.  

January 2016: Co-op/Experiential Learning in Kenya

January 2016: Co-op Liverpool

January 2017: Experiential Learning in Singapore & Malaysia

January 2017: Experiential Learning in South Africa

July 2017: South Hampton England, Borre Norway

January 2018: Experiential Learning in South Africa (West Coast, PE & Cape Town)

February 2018: Experiential Learning in Singapore