Exchange Program Calendar 2019

These are the planned activities for Spring 2019.
  • Please note that if there is no sign-up button included in the event description, then all students are expected to attend.
  • If there is a Sign Up button, be aware that you must sign up 48 hrs in advance (by Thursday of that week) to reserve your spot for that event.
  • If you signed up for an event that is partially or fully covered by the Academy, your attendance is mandatory.
  • If you have a trip recommendation, please fill out the recommendation formand we will do our best to make it happen!
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22     Friday  Visiting students arrive

23    Saturday - International Student Orientation

24     Sunday  -  Boston Walking Tour                    
We will depart MMA at 1000 for lunch at Quincy Market, a walking tour of the city, a little bit of shopping time, and a nice Hot Pot dinner to end the day!  Remember to bring your walking shoes and to dress very warm (layers are key).

25-01   Mon-Fri   -  Spring Semester Orientation Program. Monday & Tuesday no electronics
Visiting students will experience 4 days of intense regimental training, starting Monday at noon until Friday morning. This training is physically and emotionally demanding, thus students should mentally prepare for early morning wake up calls, long days, physical exhaustion, and to expect the unexpected. Host will join orientation for their own training on 27 Wednesday. Host and visiting students will get a chance to meet each other on Thursday before leaving to visit the hosts' homes for the weekend.


01-04   Fri - Mon.  Weekend with Hosts

05   Tuesday - Commence classes 0800

08   Friday  - International Women's Day                                                                                              

09  Saturday - Wrentham Premium Outlets
We will depart campus at 1000 Wrentham Outlets shopping. Shopping time expectation 3-4 hours.
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10   Sunday  - Round 1 - Taunton, MA (Karaoke).

13   Wednesday - CMA Annual event in Stamford CT (IMB Cadets)

15   Friday - Skyzone - Kingston, MA

17   Sunday - Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade with 7th Company/Personal Day

Depart from Flanagan Hall at 0930 with 7th Company. Wear warm clothing. Parade starts at 1300. Meet 7th Company to depart from South Bay Mall (8 Allstate Road, Boston, MA 02118) at no later than 1500.   
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21   Thursday - Warham Public School Global Ed's International Night.

22   Saturday - Oriental Market Trip (Quincy, MA - 35 min commute)


01   Monday - April Fool's Day - Class Day                                                                                                                                

04   Wednesday  - Heritage Festival   Mess Deck at 1730
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06    Saturday - Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) of Cape Cod Symphony (CCS) (Symphony of Don Quixote

07   Sunday -  MIT Tour

21   Sunday  -  Braintree Mall - Dave & Buster for dinner and fun

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27-28  Sat-Sun  - NYC Trip
We will leave at 0400 Saturday morning to spend the day and night in NYC. Transportation, Lodging, and one activity will be covered by MMA, everything else is an out of pocket expense to the student.
For hotel accomodations, please note that rooms will have 2 queen beds but that there will be 4 students assigned to a room. Also be aware that a curfew will be implemented.
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03   Friday  -  Ring Dance.  Boston, MA.
We will depart MMA at 1630 to attend event at Hynes Convention Center,Boston. Muster at front door of venue for departure at 2300.   Male exchange students please wear dress uniform or suit. Female exchange students please wear appropriate, formal dress. Male host cadets wear the Dress White uniform. Female host cadets wear one of approved Ring Dance dresses.
04   Saturday -  Northeastern Tour

18   Saturday - Patriot Place (Movie Day) - Boston, MA
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10   Sunday  - National Seashore,  Provincetown town visit (Day Trip).

25-27  Sat - Mon.   Washington DC Trip
We will leave campus Friday night and be back on Monday night, just in time for a little bit of sleep and classes. The cost for this trip will be $... per students. Transportation and lodging arrangement will be made by MMA. Food and entertainment will be an out of pocket expense for students.
For hotel accomodations, please note that rooms will have 2 queen beds but that there will be 4 students assigned to a room. Also be aware that a curfew will be implemented. (27th is Memorial Day Holiday).
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29   Wednesday - Departure  Backyard Barbeque
Departure Dinner. Located in the Bay State Conference room at 1700. Dinner will be served and MMA PT Gear is allowed.


01   Saturday - Six Flags

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