End of Year Report

President's Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion

The Task Force's main focus in FY17 has been on outreach and programming.

Topics of discussion

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – as a reaction to the political climate as it related to immigration and the children of undocumented residents, an online petition was circulated to garner commitments to providing sanctuary to children enrolled in higher education.  The Task Force recommended support for the petition, however, the DHE claimed the responsibility for determining how DACA would be enforced.     
  • Campus Climate Survey – during the spring of 2016, the Task Force agreed that surveys would annually rotate between a Title IX style safety survey and a diversity competency survey.  Mid-year, support for a statewide Title IX survey was shelved.  The Task Force began vetting a survey to assess student satisfaction with diversity and inclusivity issues; the survey was administered this spring with the assistance of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.    
  • Programming – the Task Force continued to review, and support through co-members, the Academy’s commitment to the “Leading for Change” consortium.  Additional programming included support, both physical and financial, for Safe Harbor programming.  The Task Force also endorsed the Underrepresented Scholar Mentoring Program ran by the Office of Multicultural and International Affairs.
  • Grooming standards for cadets of color - as a cadet initiated subject, a proposal has been suggested to modify the current grooming standards promulgated in the Cadet Regimental Manual to be more culturally inclusive.  Specific examples from federal military academies were referenced and will be vetted through the Commandant’s Office.  

Recommendations for next year

  • Recommend inclusive language for the Academy’s Mission statement to Governance for consideration; this action item has been deferred until FY18.
  • Present a more robust distribution of the Task Force’s presence and role on-campus with a distribution of scheduled meetings prior to the start of the semester with frequent campus wide reminders to garner community involvement.  Meetings will take place every third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 in ABS 104.
  • Improve website with meeting content and proposed agendas for better campus wide communication.  Website improvements – the Task Force has delegated responsibilities to the membership beyond the appointed co-chairs, to include naming an additional co-chair, secretary and website coordinator. 
  • Review campus policies to ensure fair and equitable application.
  • Create working groups as needed.
  • Review membership to reaffirm commitment to the Task Force.