Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) Policy

All faculty, employees, students, contractors, volunteers, and the general public present on Massachusetts Maritime Academy property are governed by this policy.

The use of any property owned, leased, licensed or otherwise controlled by Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA), including, but not limited to, any “air rights” recognized by federal or state law, to operate any Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”), commonly referred to as “unmanned aerial vehicles” or drones, as well as any small unmanned aircraft or model aircraft (“model aircraft”), poses inherent health, security, and privacy risks to the MMA community.

Accordingly, use of MMA property or air rights for the purpose of operating any UAS or model aircraft is prohibited at all times, except as approved in advance, through a letter of request directed to the Vice President of Operations, for the purpose of education, research or commercial use as contracted by MMA. Requests must provide date/time, purpose, and length of UAS operations, as well as the area of the campus where the UAS will be used. UAS must not operate over areas of public assembly, stadium, or areas of construction. Must not photograph, video, or monitor areas where other members of the MMA community or members of the general public would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, specifically, but not limited to dormitories. Commercial operators must supply a copy of certificate of liability insurance naming Massachusetts Maritime Academy as an additional insured up to one million dollars.

The use of UAS or model aircraft for hobby or recreational use on MMA property is not permitted.

Students of MMA who violate this policy will be subject to a Class II violation according to the Regimental Manual.

Damages/injuries occurring to MMA property or individuals will be the responsibility of the UAS operator.

The use and operation of UAS is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration with licensing and registration requirements and is also governed by state law. Any violations of law (trespassing, illegal surveillance, reckless endangerment) or violations of this policy may subject the individual(s) to criminal and civil penalties and liability to the maximum extent possible under federal and state law.

Any person who observes the use of any UAS or model aircraft on Massachusetts Maritime Academy property should immediately notify the MMA Police Department at 508-726-0798.

Download/Print a copy of the Drone Policy