Campus Visitor Policy

Keeping our Campus Safe


As CDC, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and County COVID-19 health and safety protocols have adjusted, the following guidelines for campus and visitors are in effect as of Saturday January 1, 2022 through the winter academic semester ending on 1600hrs Friday February 18, 2022.

This policy has been developed to help ensure the health and safety of the campus community and visitors. It is important to note that this policy can be modified as the COVID-19 situation and corresponding federal, state and local guidance continues to evolve. Revision notations are located at the end of this document with the date and specific description.

Campus Wide

An indoor mask mandate is in effect for the above dates. Surgical masks are the minimum required, while N-95 masks are preferred. No cloth masks are permitted. Surgical masks will be made available throughout campus with stations located at several building entrances to include Harrington Hall by Human Resources.

All campus visitors must be fully vaccinated and be prepared to show proof of vaccination. Dormitory visitors are not permitted at this time.

Full vaccination is considered 14-days after your second dose of Pfizer or Moderna or single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

If a potential vaccinated visitor has symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the individual will refrain from visiting campus unless they can provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72-hours of their arrival on campus. 

This policy covers minimum standards, individual campus departments may impose additional requirements.

Sea Term Participants

Specific guidelines for cadets, staff, faculty, and crew participating in Sea Term will be disseminated specifically to those individuals. Sea Term guidelines supersede this campus policy.


Version Number Issue Date Changes Made by Description of Changes
6.0 01/01/2022 Simmons Winter semester campus policy update
5.1 12/03/2021 Simmons Update for end of fall semester masking requirements
5.0 11/23/2021 Simmons Update for Fall 2021 masking requirements.
4.0 08/20/2021 Simmons Update for Fall 2021 vaccination requirements.
3.0 05/25/2021 Simmons Update addressing vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors.
2.0 01/12/2021 Simmons/Novak Addition of cadet visiting and modification to recruitment of prospective students.
1.0  09/08/2020 Simmons Initial publication date.