Campus Visitor Policy

Keeping our Campus Safe

(Updated January 12, 2021)

The following guidelines for campus visitors, effective August 31, 2020 are part of the 2020 Fall Safe Return Plan and were developed to help ensure the health and safety of the campus community and visitors. It is important to note that these guidelines can be modified as the COVID-19 situation and corresponding federal, state and local guidance continues to evolve. Revision notations are located at the end of this document with the date and specific description.

Academy departments who believe invited visitors cannot be delayed or canceled are responsible for ensuring that any visitor sponsored by a department is fully aware of and completely adheres to the Safe Return Plan health and safety guidelines in place on campus at the time of their visit along with completing the Campus Clear App and day of visit questionnaire. Departments are also responsible for collecting the day of visitor questionnaire form related to the nature of the visit (see below for example) and forwarding it to MMA Health Services at

Massachusetts Maritime Academy will require at least 24-hrs prior to the day of their planned visit to campus that visitors participate in the use of the Campus Clear app for self-screening. Participation in the use of Campus Clear will help create a culture of awareness and responsibility in our community while helping to ensure the health and safety of all.

Each visitor will be required to download the Campus Clear App via smartphone, computer, or tablet (see below app links). After answering the Campus Clear questions, if the green “cleared” screen appears, the visitor can continue on campus. If the red "not cleared" screen appears after answering the app question they will not be allowed on campus. If on campus multiple days, visitors will be required to participate in Campus Clear for each day they will be on campus. 

All visitors will be required to wear a surgical mask and it must be worn in all areas of campus to include outside spaces, hallways, public spaces, and common areas.

Any documented non-compliance will result in cancellation of the visit. Approval for such visits is at the Vice President level for each department, and departments must confirm the visitor’s anticipated day/time of arrival in advance. Walk-in visitors will not be allowed on campus.

The Academy recognizes that campus is open to the general public and it is foreseeable that a number of individuals will visit campus who do not fall into an outlined category. The Academy’s responsibility to general visitors to campus is to clearly communicate the health and safety guidelines through the university’s web presence, social media, and physical signage. Surgical masks will be available at strategic locations on campus and signs will direct visitors to locations where surgical masks and campus safety guidance is available.

Visitors who are observed acting contrary to the Academy health and safety guidelines can be reported to Public Safety and will be reminded that their presence on campus is subject to campus health and safety rules and as a result may be asked to leave campus.

Campus is now open for limited in-person tours available Monday-Friday. Please follow the link below to review our current campus tour protocols, requirements for COVID-19 testing and to register for a tour.

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Regularly scheduled deliveries such as UPS, FedEx, Follett, and Chartwells deliveries will not be required to complete Campus Clear or the visitor form however, an anticipated schedule of such deliveries will be kept by the receiving department. If need be, this information will be forwarded to Health Services. All delivery of these products will be done so to ensure minimal contact with campus constituents.

Food delivery for Chartwells will be conducted and coordinated through the Food Service Manager. Contact with staff/personnel/cadets will be limited to promote safe social distancing.

Food delivery service for students or staff will be allowed. Delivery for cadet orders will be instructed to drop off outside the Cadet Information Center (CIC). Tables will be provided for a touchless delivery.  Cadets can pick up food and return to their room or eat outside.

A similar process will be available for staff with a drop off table stationed outside the Bresnahan building covered patio (near Public Safety).

Trash cans and wipes will be provided at the pick up locations and food delivery personnel will not be allowed inside any building.

If a cadet is cleared to commute to campus, this access is with the understanding that they travel only to/from their place of residence to the assigned lab/class, a designated commuter location, or if requested, to the MMA COVID testing site. Access to other areas of campus will be restricted including but not limited to the gym, mess deck, and ABS Information Commons.

If a cadet is fully online and feels the need to visit campus, they are considered a visitor and shall comply with this visitor policy. 


Outside visitor or group usage of MMA grounds and facilities are limited to the purpose of:

  • Conducting Academy business and coordinated by an Academy Department 
  • Student centered activities sanctioned by the Student Government Association
  • Outside vendors or groups, who have coordinated with MMA Camps & Conferences department on space utilization, pricing, dates, etc.

The Department Visitor Information and Day of Questionnaire are to be completed by the host department and forwarded to Health Services at

Visitor Online Questionnaire

  • Campus Department/Host: 
  • Contact phone/email for Campus Department/Host:
  • Name of Campus Visitor: 
  • Purpose of Campus Visitor (if any): 
  • Visitor E-mail and Phone #: 
  • Date/Time of Scheduled Visit: 
  • Campus Location(s) of Scheduled Visit: 
  • Prior out of MA travel during the past 7-days:

Upon arrival, the department hosting the visitor(s) will ensure that the following yes/no questions have been asked. All answers must be in the affirmative to complete the visit.

  • Visitor is coming to campus for an important activity within the learning, discovery, or engagement missions of the Academy. 
  • Visitor has been instructed to monitor symptoms and has been provided with all necessary tools to enable them to comply with the MMA Safe Return Plan. 
  • Visitor has been specifically instructed that they must wear a face mask while on campus and that it must be worn in all areas of campus to include outside spaces, hallways, public spaces, and common areas.
  • Visitor has been specifically instructed to use hand sanitizer and/or frequently wash hands throughout their time on campus.  
  • Visitor has been specifically instructed that they must follow all building signage, marked pathways and other space guidance intended to promote social distancing. 
  • Visitor has agreed to participate in Campus Clear for each day they are on campus.

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