New Safety Protocols

Spring 2021

The following on-campus and off-campus protocols are designed to keep everyone safe while we attempt to start the spring semester. Some of the protocols include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-arrival COVID PCR test and 10 day self-quarantine period
  • Check-in medical screening
  • Wearing a properly fitting surgical mask at all times over nose and mouth (must be a blue surgical mask or white KN95, no exceptions)
  • Maintaining proper social distancing (6 feet or more)
  • Reporting on time to classes and labs with proper equipment (PPE), etc.
  • Proper grooming, no beards because beards reduce the effectiveness of PPE.
  • No commuters allowed in the dormitories, to include the mess deck.
  • No visitors allowed on campus for any reason, including family.
  • Cadets are not allowed to visit other cadets in their rooms and are required to remain in their designated company areas.
  • Designated foot traffic patterns, to include ladder wells in the dorms, must be followed
  • There will be daily morning musters and modified morning formations
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds)
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissues, even when wearing a mask
  • Complete online symptom survey daily on the Campus Clear App (before 0645)
  • Enter and leave rooms/dorms through designated doors
  • Masks on when out of room, even outdoors.
  • Wear clean clothes and bathe/shower daily.
  • If you come into contact with someone who has COVID or who has COVID symptoms, contact MMA Heath Services as soon as possible.
  • Random surveillance COVID testing by our Health Services will be required for all cadets.


We understand the need to have a balance between health and safety and the social well-being of our cadets.  It is our intention to make the three week Health and Safety pause as positive an experience as possible for the cadets. Chartwells is working on a variety of new food selections and special events. The SGA is rolling out a host of on-campus activities both during the week and weekends, to include a Super Bowl function.  There will be a robust intramural program along with increases in SGA recreational equipment which can be signed out by individuals.  We extended hours for the gym, mail room and ABS and have spaces for group study and/or just socializing such as the Fantail, Baystate Conference, Mess Deck and the ABS. There will be no outside morning formations during this three week period and all cadets are allowed to have a mini-refrigerator (for this COVID semester only) in their room.  Modified varsity athletic practices for residential students are targeted to begin 13 Feb.  Male cadets should arrive with a fresh haircut meeting regimental standards.  During the month of February, regimental standards for male haircuts will be relaxed because we do not want cadets cutting each other's hair.


  • Meals
    • Observe the distance lines placed for queuing before entering the dining hall, etc.
    • Masks may be removed while eating, but should be put back on as soon as you have finished eating.  Masks must remain on when entering the mess deck until seated and before standing at your table to exit the mess deck
    • Only four to a table (separated by plexiglass)
    • You may and are encouraged to return to your dorm room to eat - trash barrels will be in passageways for disposal of cups, plates, utensils, uneaten food
    • Off hour food delivery is “hands off” only
    • No vendor entry into dorms, or off-campus housing
    • Drop off at CIC only
    • Packaging discarded at CIC
    • Sanitize hands before returning to room
    • If ordering food living in off-campus housing, the food must be drop off at door step.
    • No deliveries to the ship.  Cadets living on the ship must have it delivered to CIC.
  • Leave your dorm window open, even a small amount, weather permitting, when you leave your room.
  • The gyms and library will be open.  Please follow all distancing and hygiene rules.
  • Adhere to capacities posted for the laundry rooms and lounges.
  • If you feel sick at MMA, stay in your room and call Health Services at (508)830-5048.  If after hours, leave a message for Health Services and notify the ASDO via Public Safety (508)726-0798. If at home, stay at home and contact your doctor. 

In order to keep the campus as safe as possible, there will be significant restrictions placed on regimental commuters, faculty and staff and where they can go on campus.  Faculty and staff and commuters are restricted from entering the dining facilities, main gym, express gym, and the ABS. The only exception to the dining facility for staff is the "Mate on Watch" and the "Academy Staff Duty Officer". 

Regimental Commuter Expectations

  • Regimental Commuters must complete CAMPUS CLEAR EACH morning.
  • Regimental Commuters must obtain a negative PCR COVID test done within 3 days before February 8th and submit it to Health Services at (campus access not allowed without this)
  • Regimental Commuters should not come to campus if they have COVID symptoms or if they have been exposed to COVID, but should contact Health Services directly
  • Regimental Commuters are part of surveillance testing and must report when selected.
  • Regimental Commuters are not allowed in the dormitories unless selected for COVID-19 surveillance testing and/or random drug testing. Testing will be held on the 00 deck of 2nd Company.  Specific instructions on when, where, and how to report will be issued in the testing notification.  
  • Regimental Commuters are not allowed in the mess deck or the Razor’s Edge/Fantail.
  • Regimental Commuters are required to adhere to uniform and grooming standards.
  • Regimental Commuters are not allowed in the main gym or the express gym
  • Regimental Commuters are not allowed in the school store
  • Regimental Commuters are not allowed in the ABS
  • Regimental Commuters will not be allowed to join varsity athletics practice until the February restrictions are lifted, and possibly later.  This subject will be reviewed at a later date.
  • Regimental Commuters are not allowed to participate in "on-campus" activities
  • Regimental Commuters are not to carpool to campus unless they are living in the same household.
  • Regimental Commuters will need a parking permit (which can be purchased in Self Service) for the gym parking lot
  • A room will be provided within the Harrington building for a study space for all commuter students.

Cadets approved to be totally ONLINE will not be allowed on campus. If an ONLINE cadet needs to come to campus they must follow the VISITORS POLICY.