Message from the Commandant

(December 31, 2020)


Dear Cadets:


I hope that you and your families are well.  I am writing today to share some key information regarding our plans for the Spring Semester.

Based on our experiences from the fall and the continued acceptance and adherence to our COVID health and safety protocols, we feel that based on the metrics outlined in the President’s message dated 15 December 2020, we can return to MMA for the Spring Term with as many “in person” classes and labs as we can safely deliver.  The return plan allows for double room occupancy versus single rooms. Classes are scheduled to begin Monday, 08 Feb with a move in plan outlined below.  Please remember, as with any plan during this ever-changing COVID period, this plan could change. Any changes to this plan will be based on the science available at the time. 

All cadets, with the exclusion of 100% online only students who will not be coming to campus at any time this spring, will need a negative PCR COVID test (not a rapid test) before arriving on campus.  Use this link to find a Massachusetts test location near you.  Other states should have a similar program.  Commuters must submit a negative PCR test no later than 05 February, regardless of their first day of classes.  Additional Regimental Commuter expectations will be forthcoming via a separate email. 

Cadets living in campus housing, please refer to Section 2 for testing instructions.  Dorm residents will be quarantined in their rooms until the results of the test conducted by Health Services are received. The turnaround time for test results on campus is generally less than 24 hours.  

Reporting Times and Dates


Tuesday, February 2nd
1300 - Regimental Leadership only arrive and start the check-in
1400 - First Battalion Leadership only arrive and start the check-in
1500 - Second Battalion Leadership only arrive and start the check-in
The Regimental Commander will provide information regarding regimental functions at a later date.

Thursday, February 4th – all cadets who reside OUTSIDE of New England
1000 until 1800 sharp - all cadets who reside outside of New England arrive (including cadets who live outside of New England and who are scheduled to live aboard the TS Kennedy). Note:  check-in ends at 1800 sharp, Health Services will not be available after that time. 

Friday, February 5th – all cadets residing within New England
0900 - All first class First Battalion cadets arrive including those scheduled to live on board the TS Kennedy and start the check-in
1100 - All first class Second Battalion cadets arrive including those scheduled to live on board the TS Kennedy and start the check-in
1300 - All second class First Battalion cadets arrive and start the check-in
1500 - All second class Second Battalion cadets arrive and start the check-in

Saturday, February 6th
0900 - All third class First Battalion cadets arrive and start the check-in
1100 - All third class Second Battalion cadets arrive and start the check-in
1300 - All fourth class First Battalion cadets arrive and start the check-in
1500 - All fourth class Second Battalion cadets arrive and start the check-in

What you need to do now and prior to reporting

  • Start a self-quarantine, restricting exposure and give your employer your “notice” at 10 days prior to your report date.
  • ALL residential cadets must send a negative PCR COVID-19 test to that was done within 72 hours of your report date.  If          turnaround times in your region can not achieve this, notify so you can be cleared to get an earlier pre-arrival test.
  • Commuters must submit a negative PCR from an off campus testing site done on 01 Feb or later with results submitted to no later than Friday, 05 Feb.
  • No one, including commuters, will be admitted to campus without a negative PCR test prior to arrival. Rapid antigen tests are not accepted. Students who have no submitted a negative pcr result prior to check-in arrival will be required to arrange for their own off-campus quarantine space (not living with another cadet) until an on-boarding process can be coordinated with health services. This on-boarding process will require two negative test results, three days apart. 
  • You will be retested, while in your vehicle, upon arrival and will quarantine in your dorm room until results are back.
  • Fill out the “Campus Clear” App every day, even if you are feeling well, starting 10 days before your report day.  Apple app   Android app   Web app
  • 10 days before report date for purpose of Campus Clear reporting and self-quarantine:
    • Report on 2/2 - 10 days prior is: 1/23
    • Report on 2/4 - 10 days prior is: 1/25
    • Report on 2/5 - 10 days prior is: 1/26
    • Report on 2/6 - 10 days prior is: 1/27
  • Arrive on campus with a surgical face mask completely covering your nose and mouth (must be a blue surgical mask or white KN95, no exceptions)
  • Questions and information can be directed to:
  • Both on campus and off campus parking will be available. If you have not done so already, you must purchase a parking pass.  A portion of the gym lot will be reserved for those that commute.  Other on-campus parking will be available at the Beachmoor, along the baseball outfield, 4-bar parking by the softball field and Lot C (Academy Drive).  Off-campus parking will be available at the Kendell Rae lot (new Academy lot next to Bourne Town Hall off Perry Ave.), Liberty Liquor store lot (on St. Margaret’s St.) and National Marine Life Center (on Main St.).

 New Safety Protocols


The following on-campus and off-campus protocols are designed to keep everyone safe while we attempt to start the spring semester. Some of the protocols include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-arrival COVID PCR test and 10 day self-quarantine period
  • Check-in medical screening
  • Wearing a properly fitting surgical mask at all times over nose and mouth (must be a blue surgical mask or white KN95, no exceptions)
  • Maintaining proper social distancing (6 feet or more)
  • Reporting on time to classes and labs with proper equipment (PPE), etc.
  • Proper grooming, no beards because beards reduce the effectiveness of PPE.
  • No commuters allowed in the dormitories, to include the mess deck.
  • No visitors allowed on campus for any reason, including family.
  • Cadets are not allowed to visit other cadets in their rooms and are required to remain in their designated company areas.
  • Designated foot traffic patterns, to include ladder wells in the dorms, must be followed
  • There will be daily morning musters and modified morning formations
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds)
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissues, even when wearing a mask
  • Complete online symptom survey daily on the Campus Clear App (before 0645)
  • Enter and leave rooms/dorms through designated doors
  • Masks on when out of room, even outdoors.
  • Meals
    • Observe the distance lines placed for queuing before entering the dining hall, etc.
    • Masks may be removed while eating, but should be put back on as soon as you have finished eating.  Masks must remain on when entering the mess deck until seated and before standing at your table to exit the mess deck
    • Only four to a table (separated by plexiglass)
    • You may and are encouraged to return to your dorm room to eat - trash barrels will be in passageways for disposal of cups, plates, utensils, uneaten food
    • Off hour food delivery is “hands off” only
    • No vendor entry into dorms, or off-campus housing
    • Drop off at CIC only
    • Packaging discarded at CIC
    • Sanitize hands before returning to room
    • If ordering food living in off-campus housing, the food must be drop off at door step.
    • No deliveries to the ship.  Cadets living on the ship must have it delivered to CIC.
  • Leave your dorm window open, even a small amount, weather permitting, when you leave your room.
  • The gyms and library will be open.  Please follow all distancing and hygiene rules.
  • Adhere to capacities posted for the laundry rooms and lounges.
  • If you feel sick at MMA, stay in your room and call Health Services at (508)830-5048.  If after hours, leave a message for Health Services and notify the ASDO via Public Safety (508)726-0798. If at home, stay at home and contact your doctor. 
  • Wear clean clothes and bathe/shower daily.
  • If you come into contact with someone who has COVID or who has COVID symptoms, contact MMA Heath Services as soon as possible.
  • Random surveillance COVID testing by our Health Services will be required for all cadets.

Although the new vaccines are promising, the COVID prediction for February is still dire. Because of the forecasts, we are requiring all cadets to remain on campus for the first three weeks of the semester, including weekends. Remaining on campus will allow us to keep the campus safe and increase the likelihood of having a complete and successful spring term.  We anticipate that things will improve starting in March.  While this is a lot to ask of the Regiment, the stakes are too high not to take this action. We don’t want to lose a portion of another semester and, more significantly, we must safely transition into the planned spring Sea Term. Any exceptions to this 3-week requirement will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Please follow all established protocols, not only those established by the Academy, but also protocols from the CDC and State.  Due to the insidious nature of this pandemic and our commitment to the Admiral’s directive of keeping everyone (cadets, faculty and staff) safe, adherence to these protocols is mandatory, no infractions will be tolerated.  Be advised that:

  • Any cadet that willfully and knowingly violates these protocols will not be allowed to live in the dorm complex or on the ship and will be removed from in-person classes.  Cadets living off-campus, who are currently approved to return to campus for in-person classes, will lose that privilege.  Cadets who violate health and safety protocols will also be subject to disciplinary action because they are a danger to others.  If you are not willing or able to comply with these safety protocols, now is the time to opt out of campus housing.  No refunds will be given to cadets sent home for violating these protocols.
  • If you are willing to be part of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy community, working to keep each other safe this semester, please print and sign the appropriate contract.  Signed contracts should be submitted to your Company Officer when you arrive on campus for your scheduled check in (specified above) or scanned and emailed to by 08 February if you are not living on campus for 2021SP.




Thank you.  I am confident that if we all work on this together, we will be successful.  

Best regards,
Edward J. Rozak
Captain, MMA
VP Student Services/Commandant of Cadets