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Massachusetts Maritime Academy Cover Letters

Why have a cover letter?

  • Cover letters are the presonality, resumes' are the facts.
  • Cover letters are about the employer, resumes' are about you.
  • It determines if the employer will read your resume'.

How do I get stared?

  • Assets
  • Strengths
  • Skills
  • Problems/solutions
  • Achievements
  • Contributions
  • What you have to offer
  • Why a company would want you

Research the Company

  • Your cover letter should look like it belongs with  your resume'
  • One Page
  • Same header, same font

First Paragraph

  • Express your excitement
  • Tell the company why you are interested
  • Quickly tell them how you are qualified
  • If you have a contact tell them
  • If you were asked to call, or spoke to the person, remind them

Second/Third Paragraph

  • The job description is your road map to your cover letter.
  • Give examples of your experience that relate to the job description.
  • Tell a story that makes you stand out.
  • Data or facts to support statements.
  • Spell it out for the reader, why they should hire you.

Body Copy

  • Paragraph
  • Bullets
  • Comparison
    --Your requirements
    --My skills
  • Talk about co-op or shipping experiences, and what you learned

Closing Paragraph

  • Call to action
  • Summarize
  • Make the company know  you are their candidate


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