Course Registration

Webadvisor allows you to register and add, drop, and change your classes as needed during registration, as well as view or print your class schedule, and see a summary of your status. 

  1. Meet with your advisor. You must be cleared by your advisor before you will be able to register. 
  2. Login to Webadvisor. If you need help accessing WebAdvisor, please contact the MMA Helpdesk by filling out a ticket online, emailing or calling (508)-830-5308.
  3. Click on the Students link.
  4. Under Registration on the right, click on the "Register for sections" link. Here you can search for courses by term, subject, day of the week etc. 
  5. Once you have found your chosen course, select the course by ticking the box to the left of the course name. Then hit submit. 
  6. You will now see the course(es) you have chosen. Use the drop down menu bar to choose "Register." Then hit submit. 
  7. Now go to "My Class Schedule" under the Student Menu, select the term you just registered and hit submit. Print out this page for your records. This is your proof that your registration successfully went through. 
This class schedule worksheet can help with your planning.