Computing Hardware Policy for Faculty and Staff

Updated 4/3/2017

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Massachusetts Maritime Academy (“MMA”) strives to provide high quality and cost effective computing equipment and software for its faculty and staff.  The Academy has specific standards on the types of computing equipment and software it will support and how such technology is configured.  These standards are designed to maintain high levels of reliability, usability, security and support for faculty and staff.


This policy applies to all personal computer hardware, associated software, network devices, printers, and any other computer peripheral or accessory installed at MMA.



  • Each full-time faculty and staff member will be provided a single computer for use at MMA.  For staff positions, the department head will determine if the staff member requires a dedicated computer for their job.  In cases where the staff member does not need a dedicated computer, access to a computer will be provided for required activities, such as completion of a weekly time sheet.
  • Part-time faculty members will not receive an Academy-owned computer.  Rather, they are expected to utilize a personally-owned computer.  They can also use the computers provided in many of the classrooms on campus during class time. 
  • Part-time staff members who are required to use a computer as part of their job will have access to a computer within their department. 
  • Faculty and staff members will be able to choose either a desktop or a laptop model for their computer.  Those faculty and staff members who need to bring their computer into classrooms or to meetings, should select a laptop for ease of mobility. 
  • Each year, a Windows desktop and laptop model and a Macintosh desktop and laptop model will be selected by the IT department. These standard models will be published on the Academy website on the Technology Services webpage.
  • Anyone requesting a computer that is not on the standard computer list will need prior approval from the Vice President, Technology and Library Services.
  • All purchases of computers and printers will made by the IT department using preferred vendors.  Faculty and staff members should not purchase such equipment using an Academy credit card.
  • Faculty and staff members in possession of an Academy-owned computer must follow all applicable MMA rules per the Responsible Use of Technology Policy to ensure proper use and maintenance of their computer equipment.  If a computer is lost or damaged due to gross negligence or a dishonest or willful act, MMA reserves the right to require the faculty or staff member to pay all or part of the cost to repair or replace the computer.
  • All Academy-owned computers will be covered by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.  This will ensure quick and efficient repairs in the case of hardware failures.
  • Personally-owned computers, tablets and smartphones may be used on campus.  These devices will need to connect to the guest wireless network (Maritime-Guest), which will provide them with internet access only. 
  • Technical support will not be provided by MMA staff, including the Help Desk staff, for any type of staff or faculty personally-owned computing equipment.


  • Faculty and staff members will be able to replace their computer when the computer is 4 years of age from the original purchase date.  Once a computer has been replaced, the old computer must be returned to the Infrastructure Technology (IT) department. 
  • Computers less than 4 years of age with a confirmed hardware failure may be replaced early, depending on an assessment by the IT department of the cost and effort to repair.
  • The IT department will keep an up-to-date inventory of all Academy-owned computers which will include the installed software.  The IT department will determine from this inventory which faculty and staff computers are candidates for replacement each semester.  Eligible faculty and staff members will be contacted by IT to begin the replacement process.
  • To ensure that new faculty and staff members have a computer in place when they start at the Academy, the hiring manager is expected to submit a “New Hire” ticket to the MMA Help Desk with a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice.  The submission of this Help Desk ticket will also ensure that other technology is created, such as an email account, a telephone and any other necessary system access.
  • When a staff member is transferred to a different department, they should take their computer with them.  An MMA Help Desk ticket should be opened by the staff member prior to the move to ensure that the computer is properly installed in the new location.  In addition, the staff member’s access to MMA systems will be reviewed and modified, if needed, at this time.
  • When a faculty or staff member leaves the Academy, their Academy-owned computer must be returned as part of the off-boarding process.  Their computer will be placed back into the IT inventory for reimaging and redeployment at a later date.  This will help to ensure that Academy-owned computers are being utilized rather than sitting idle.
  • All computers, software and associated computer equipment purchased with MMA funds, including grants, is the property of MMA, not the property of the faculty or staff member. 
  • Given that staff and faculty computers are Academy-owned, they cannot be sold to faculty or staff members, regardless of the age of the computer. 
  • All computers and associated computer equipment will be appropriately tagged and inventoried upon receipt and tracked in the Academy’s asset management system. 
  • All computers that have reached end-of-life, will be properly disposed per the Inventory Policy.  This will include the removal and destruction of hard drives to protect any data remaining on the hard drive.


  • Any software installed on an Academy-owned computer must be properly licensed for use.


  • An auto-lock feature has been put in place for all Academy-owned computers which will lock the computer after 20 minutes of inactivity.  Faculty and staff members should lock their computer when leaving it unattended for any amount of time.
  • Vulnerability scans on computers will be done on a regular basis in search of operating system or software defects which could be exploited if not identified and corrected.   
  • Operating system patches, updates and security fixes will be remotely installed on a regular basis on Academy-owned computers by the IT department. 
  • Staff and faculty members’ computer logon accounts will have administrative rights to their computer in order to allow software to be installed without needing technical assistance.
  • Anti-malware software will be installed on all Academy-owned computers.  This software will be updated whenever the software vendor provides new signature files or software updates.  Faculty and staff members will not have adequate permission on their computer to disable this software.

Data Integrity

  • The Academy does not back up faculty and staff desktop and laptop computers.  It is therefore incumbent upon faculty and staff members to ensure that any data residing on their computer is backed up to their personal drive on Google Drive or a departmental folder on Dropbox.  In cases where data residing on a desktop or laptop becomes inaccessible due to a hard drive failure, the recovery of the data will be at the expense of the faculty or staff member.


  • Multi-function devices (MFP), which print, copy and scan, are available in multiple locations on campus for use by faculty and staff.   All costs for these devices, which include acquisition costs, supplies, maintenance, parts and copies, are covered by the Technology and Library Services division.
  • The use of small, individual or departmental size printers is discouraged.  In cases where a multi-function device is not easily accessible, an exemption will be made for the installation of a non-MFP device.  The purchase of such a device will need to be approved by the Vice President, Technology and Library Services.
  • The need to print confidential or sensitive documents will not be considered a reason for a faculty or staff member to request a small printer for their use.  The Academy will provide “secure printing” to the MFP devices which will allow documents to be printed only when the sender is at the device.  This will ensure that confidential or sensitive documents are not sitting unattended on a printer.


Any employee found to have violated this policy, intentionally or unintentionally, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, per any applicable collective bargaining agreements.


This policy is owned by the Vice President, Technology and Library Services, who will coordinate any and all revisions to the policy.


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