Capital Projects

Sustainable Infrastructure Improvements 

Our major deferred maintenance and capital projects are carries out with the philosophy of building a robust sustainability program and investing in renewable energy on campus.  We work closely with the Division of Capital Assets Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) and the Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA) to execute projects and thereby improve campus life and the local community.


Recently Completed Projects

  1. Electrical Transfer Station:  A new, updated electrical transfer station located above the flood zone replacing the old, existing system.  This new building will provide better electrical operations for the entire campus and offer the ability to expand any system needs in an efficient manner.
  2. Emergency Operations Center:  State-of-the-art training center for the Emergency Management degree program, providing a teaching environment that simulates real-world EM Operations Centers.
  3. Kendall Rae Parking Lot (Under construction): Dedicated 236 car parking lot located in Buzzards Bay to assist with cadet parking.  Working with the Town of Bourne to provide parking opportunities to visitors when MMA is not in session, allowing vital parking near both Main Street and the Canal bikeway.
  4. Gym Roof:  Recently completed complete tear-off and replacement of the main gym roof.
  5. Executive Offices:  Updated and streamlined executive office spaces to provide an enhanced visitor experience for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Proposed and In-Process Projects

  1. The Beachmoor:  Proposed new 72 bed/conference center replacing the existing Beachmoor.  Working with local Taylor’s Point personnel to enhance the site’s “neighborhood” feel to the greatest extent possible while accomplishing the Academy’s mission.
  2. 320 Main Street:  Updating front office spaces for the Facilities and additional tenant spaces.
  3. Ladderwell H:  Complete update to the main dormitory ladderwell between 1st and 2nd Company, enhancing appearance and code compliance.
  4. Gym Envelope:  Replacement of doors, windows and outside railings to Gym, improving the facade appearance and structural integrity.