Commercial Shipping Sea Time

Full Container Ship

Commercial Shipping is about your license

Required Sea Time
  • Commercial shipping is about your licence
  • Deck - Must get 55 days
  • Engine - Must get over 50 days
  • A day is a day - There is no day and a half for cadets working 12 Hours!!!!
60 Day Commitment
  • All commercial shipping cadets signed the contract for 60 days of sea time.
  • Every effort must be made to do so
  • Only if through no fault of the cadet is it allowable to be shorter
    • Examples:
      • The company does not put you on with 60 days available
      • Remaining will make you late returning
      • The company requires you to get off.
  • Sea time questions are to be directed to Captain Dooley or Cmdr Huhnke
  • Sea project questions are to department head or grader
Cadet Expectations
  • The Officers and Crews you will sail with expect nothing less than your full attention, cooperation and participation on a daily basis. Ship's officers and crews are employed to operate vessels and in addition are providing their expertise and time for your benefit.
  • What they are not - are faculty members: Your sea project is just that - Yours!
Cadet Attitude
  • Every cadet must develop the confidence and respect of the officers and crew of the vessel. We expect you to display a sincere interest in the profession and the willingness to make sacrifices necessary to gain the knowledge and develop the physical skill required of a competent professional. The individual must recognize that experience is obtained by doing not by standing by and only watching. Commitment to learning, assisting, and remaining motivated is the key and cornerstone to a constructive and productive experience while onboard.

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