Commercial Shipping Medical Information

All cadets who plan to have an internship on a commercial ship must submit a physical examination documented on the United States Coast Guard form CG-719K.

USCG-719K Form

In addition to MMA’s required immunizations, MSC mandates the following:

  • Hepatitis A Vaccine: Second dose-first dose already on file
  • Influenza vaccine (current for the year you are shipping)
  • Completed polio series (on file)
  •  TB Test (PPD): Tuberculosis skin test and results within last 6 months
  •  Tdap/Td Vaccine: Injectable vaccine required within the last 10 years
  •  Typhoid: Injectable vaccine required within 2 years or oral vaccine within 5 years
  •  Yellow Fever: injectable vaccine required within 10 years (this vaccine is not required in 2018 due to a national shortage of vaccine)

Health Services will hold immunization clinics each semester to assist you with these requirement or contact your own primary care provider.

Blood work is also necessary for shipping with MSC.
• Blood Type - a copy of your Red Cross card is acceptable or other formal lab record.
• G6PD Screening

Oil Tanker requirements:
• Benzene Screening to measure any exposure to petroleum based products.

Health Services is able to send all these blood tests for you or contact your own primary care provider.
Your insurance will be billed by our lab partner, Quest Laboratories.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Health Services, 101 Academy Drive, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 . Phone: 508-830-5048 . Fax: 508-830-6468