Friday June 26
1800 - All Masters degree candidates

Saturday June 27
0900 - BS in Marine Engineering
1200 - BS in Facilities Engineering
1500 - BS in Marine Transportation

Sunday June 28
0900 - BS in International Maritime Business
1200 - BS in Energy Systems Engineering and BS in Marine Science, Safety & Environmental Protection
1500 - BS in Emergency Management

Additional information including specific logistics and medical protocols will be sent via email to each graduate.  It is imperative that all graduates and all guests comply with these directives.

Commencement 2020

After careful consideration of many factors, including the most up to date COVID-19 health guidelines and the Commonwealth's reopening plans, and with a focus on properly celebrating the incredible accomplishments of the graduates, we are please to announce that our Commencement will be an in-person series of celebrations, held by major, over the June 26-28 weekend. 
In order to do this in a safe manner, we will hold each event in our gymnasium parking lot with each graduate/family limited to one vehicle. Further, any guests joining the graduate must remain in the vehicle for the duration of the respective event, enjoying the celebration 'drive-in movie' style. The graduates will be allowed to exit the vehicle and, with proper social distancing in place, be seated with their shipmates. They will be called to the stage individually at the appropriate time to receive their degree and a dedicated photographer will provide each family with a professional close-up shot of this special moment. The event will also be live-streamed so that extended family and friends, or those who may find it safer to remain at home, may watch the event live.

The ceremonies will be organized by major and take place in the gymnasium parking lot.  Graduates will be seated in chairs eight feet apart, while family members will be seated in cars behind the ceremony watching via large screen and listening on a closed circuit FM channel.  Due to ongoing health concerns related to the pandemic, we have established number of health and safety protocols for the protection of all.  It is imperative that you and your family follow the guidance we have in place. 

Graduates: Please RSVP to Ms. Wendy Maynard by Sunday, 21 June at 1600 to help us plan your special day. You will receive more specific details by email by June 24th if you have indicated that you will attend.  If you are unable to participate, we will gladly mail your diploma and license to the address on file with the Registrar’s Office.

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