Co-op Experiences

Marine Engine Commercial Shipping

"With Interlake Steamship I am getting my hands dirty tearing apart diesels, while learning about every piece of the engine puzzle! This cruise is making me realize that this is the only job for me. There is something about the feeling of accomplishment after a long day's work, when I am dirty and covered in oil, but I know the job is done, and done right."

-Rob Escalante '16



Facilities Engineering Co-op

"My Co-op this winter is in Boston Harbor at the Deer Island Water Treatment Plant. Every day has been different, with my favorite task so far being replacing the mechanical seal on one of the massive main pumps!  As with everything I get to do here, I was fully involved, not just observing. Even with 7 weeks at the plant, I wish I had more time here, but I do know this experience has confirmed that facilities is for me!"

-Emily Mcdonough '16

Emily McDonough Class of 2016


Marine Transportation Commercial Shipping

"I am aboard the Military Sealift Command vessel USNS Grasp. I have learned so much from my short time on the vessel (which also shows me how much I have left to learn!).  So far my favorite part of my internship was when my captain had me con the vessel out of Key West to our dive site a few miles south.  My classroom knowledge really gave me the confidence to step up and take the con and to be a proficient navigator."

-Tor Johannessen '16



cadet pic Kennedy in background


Emergency Management Co-op

"Helping people is important to me, and through my co-ops in MMA's Haiti Project and the Honolulu Department of EM, I know I have chosen the right major for me. Applying what I've learned in the classroom means I am living MMA's Learn-Do-Learn motto. I am sharing that knowledge and experience with classmates who also hope to prepare the public to mitigate the effects of natural and man-made disasters."

-Emily Behen '16




MSEP Co-op

"My co-op took place at the Mystic Aquarium Water Quality Lab in Mystic, Ct. My favorite part was having the opportunity to work alongside so many talented people and being a part of a great team. I truly enjoyed the working atmosphere, using the lab materials and methods we used in class. It showed me that I really enjoy the work, and would like to find a profession that allows me to be out in the field and utilizing my lab skills."

-Stephanie Stabile '15



International Maritime Business Co-Op

"Interning with Crowley Maritime Corp. in Seattle in their Harbor Ship Assist & Tanker Escort Department and a handful of other departments showed me that my classwork thus far has laid a strong foundation to enable me to enter the workforce.  That experience showed me not only how versatile my major really is, but how I can truly do anything within the maritime business world.  It also gave me a new appreciation for our Learn-Do-Learn philosophy at MMA."

-Emma Murray '16

Emma Murray Class of 2016