Checklist for License Application

Checklist of Required Documents for License Application 

(For use by all MENG & MTRA students applying for a USCG license)

Put the following items into the unsealed 9 ” by 12 ” manila envelope, only one item on a sheet. Paperclip together. Do not staple. IN THE ORDER listed below as it is required to submit for application processing: 

  • (1) copy of your TWIC (both sides of the card itself).
  • (1) copy of your payment receipt for the $255. Pay all fees to the US Coast Guard on-line. IMPORTANT: The receipt screen should be printed and must be submitted with your package as proof of payment/tracking purposes. See the detailed instructions provided for your application. 
  • The MMC application form (CG 719-B). Download the form, save to your desktop, fill in, and print out.
  • The signed 719-C form, only if you are reporting drug use or convictions (skip this step if not applicable). 
  • The completed 719-K physical exam form. (If MMA HS completes your physical, they will forward it to the MC office). The CG-719K form is on our academy website to download, print and to be completed by your doctor or our health services staff. This completed form is required. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • (1) copy of your U.S. Passport.

Submit these additional items in the envelope behind everything else: 

  • (1) additional copy of your TWIC
  • (1) copy of your Permanent Resident Alien Card (if applicable)
  • (1) copy of your payment receipt for the $255
  • Submit the application package in the manila envelope to Mariner Credentialing Office (2 nd flr., Harrington Bldg., near Admirals Hall). This application packet must be submitted to the Mariner Credentialing office No later than October 1

*This checklist may also be used by any 3/c or 2/c MENG/MTRA that has not yet submitted their MMC application.

Download and print checklist