May 6-20

Muster with your mates and show your pride in your alma mater with the Maritime Alumni Participation Challenge

6,975 Mariners
8,559 Privateers
8,239 Buccaneers
4,937 Keelhaulers

Competition across four schools to prove one point… Who has the best alumni?

The Stakes!

Winning School: Awarded with a trophy to display for one year! (This is being designed and created by SUNY following the results of the 2018 challenge.)

Losing Schools: Presidents have to wear the logo of the winning school during morning formation!


Alumni from


Give any amount to the school of your choice between May 6th and May 20st. The announcement of the winner will be made on May 24h. Gifts of check, credit card, cash and stocks all count. Pledges don’t count unless fulfilled before the end of the challenge. You may designate where your gift goes and how it is used. The challenge is based on participation, so make a gift and help propel your school to the title (totals are updated every other day).


Gifts to your school serve two core functions: All of this helps you – improving the quality of your school makes your degree and experience worth more.


Give online, by check, by phone, or come into the office. All gifts are tax deductible. Support Your School Today!
Totals will be updated every other day so make sure to check back in and encourage your friends to make gifts to propel your school to victory.