Cadet of The Month

Photograph of Kevin Clark, September Cadet of the Month.

Name: Kevin Clark

School: Mass. Maritime Academy

Hometown: Rowley, Ma

Major: Emergency Management

ROTC achievements/awards: Gold Level PT award

Cadet Clark has demonstrated great physical strength by being a model cadet to follow during PT. He leads by example by being on time and performing all tasks to the highest degree. In addition Cadet Clark made some key blocks in the Curtis Cup. Cadet Clark truly stands out during all PT events and makes the other cadets try their hardest to keep up.

Message from the Cadet of the Month

PT is the most important aspect of ROTC to me because it is impossible to motivate others from the back. Whether it is on a PT run or a ruck march, how can I expect my future soldiers to follow me in the orders I give if I can’t keep up myself? It is important as a leader to be able to take care of others, rather than having to rely on them taking care of me. PT conveys many aspects of leadership skills through teamwork and the ability to lead your peers, as well as being an example for the ROTC program.