Cadet MMC

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Members of the public can access information on the MMC process from the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center at

Start Here with these instructions: Instructions for 719-B Application Form: Cadet MMC

Kickoff Questionnaire for Cadet MMC Process

Cadet MMC Application Forms:

Administrative Release Form

Medical Release Form

Application Form 719-B for Cadet MMC (for Students applying for their FIRST MMC)

Application Form 719-B for Cadet MMC (for Students currently holding a license or MMC)

Conviction Documenting Form - Only if Applicable (CG Form 719-C)

Physical Exam Form 719-K

Previous License Holders Enrolled at MMA: Students with current licenses can use this document (linked below) to guide you in filling out your application for your Cadet MMC. This applies to you if you hold a lower-level license such as a launchtender license or a master or mate license at the 25-, 50-, or 100-ton level.

Instructions for Lower-Level License Holders

Other useful links:

Pay.Gov Instructions for MMC Applicants

TWIC Instructions