Boat Donations Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate my boat to Massachusetts Maritime Academy?

You can start the donation process by calling 508-830-5006 or 508-830-6423. You can also email information and pictures of the boat to


Do I receive a tax deduction for my donation?

The Yacht and Boat Donation Program’s Director decides if the boat is accepted for donation, and whether it is accepted for resale or “significant related use.” If the boat is accepted for “significant related use” by the Academy, it must be kept and used by the school for three years. When you donate the boat you must include a current survey. Your tax deduction is then based on a percentage of the surveyed value and can be taken the year that you donate the boat. If the boat is accepted for resale, your tax deduction is limited to what the boat sells for and cannot be taken until it sells.


What are “significant related use” boats used for?

Boats that are accepted for “significant related use” are used in a variety of different ways by the school. Some are used for:

  • Competitive off-shore sailing
  • Sailing Camp
  • Shipboard Maintenance
  • Extra Duty
  • Yacht and Marina Management Programs
  • Recreational


What is the money that is received from the sale of donated boats used for?

Revenue that comes in from out boat sales goes towards a myriad of programs at the Academy, which include, but is not limited to…

  • Competitive Dinghy Sailing
  • Offshore Racing
  • Crew Team
  • Maritime Transportation
  • Sailing Camp
  • Cruising Club/Recreational


Who will deliver the boat?

Once the donation program receives the paperwork for the donation we will schedule the boat pickup. We will handle the pickup and delivery of all donated boats.


Do you accept donations of items other than boats?

The Yacht and Boat Donation Program accepts donations of sails, trailers, engines, cash, stocks and a myriad of other equipment.


Are any of the boats that are for sale confiscated drug boats?

No, all of our boats were donated.


Do you know anything about the boats? Do the engines run?

All of our boats are sold “as is, where is.”


Can I bid on more than one boat?

Yes! You can then:

  • Buy more than one or
  • Buy the one of your choice


Do I have to go through with the purchase if I win the bid?

No. However, the Academy will keep your deposit.


Who do I make the check out to?

MMA or Massachusetts Maritime Academy.


Can my deposit be cash?



When do I have to remove the boat?

Within two weeks of notification that you are the high bidder. We must first receive payment in the form of a certified bank check, and then you may call to schedule your pickup. Pickups are allowed on Thursdays, and Fridays only. You MUST make an appointment at least four business days before you arrive. Call 508-830-6423 to set up the pickup or hauler.


Is there a public bathroom at the storage facility?

Yes. Men's and Women's heads are located on the premises.


What does the red dot mean?

It means that the highest bid on the boat will be accepted. There is no reserve amount or minimum bid.