All Hands on Deck for the MMA vs. MMA Alumni Participation Challenge

This is the third year of the “Winner Takes All” MMA vs. MMA participation challenge.  We each have one win over the other Academy with Mass winning the Challenge last year!  

This year lets see who can take the lead and win!

For the month of April put your game face on and get ready to meet your worthy opponent again! Here is your chance to GET IN THE GAME and help your MMA win the MMA Cup!

The Massachusetts and Maine Maritime Academies are competing to see who can capture, in one month, the greatest number of gifts from their alumni.  Every alumnus who makes a gift (the amount does not matter, it is only that you participate) during the month of April counts toward helping their MMA win!  It is not about which school raises the most money, its who finishes with the most gifts online, over the phone, in the mail, or in person…every gift counts!

Person holding up an MMA flagThe winner holds the title of MMA Cup Champion for a year, but the loser has to fly the winner's flag on their campus for a day (OUCH)! Make sure that the other MMA is flying your flag high over campus!

Massachusetts Maritime is the regining Champion from last year's Young Alumni Challenge, let's see who is going to win this year. The warning gun has sounded and the flag is down! Make your best gift and encourage your friends to do so as well!

Gifts must be received between April 1-April 30. The Challenge winner will be announced on May 4th!

Massachusetts Maritime had 5% Participation Overall

Maine Maritime had 7% participation overall