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MMA has partnered with the Association for College and University Educators (ACUE) to offer ACUE’s course in Effective Teaching Practices, which aims to equip both part-time and full-time faculty with the instructional skills shown to promote student motivation, learning, and persistence. Along with a number of other Academy initiatives related to faculty professional development and student success, this partnership is being supported through a fiscal year 2019 grant from the Massachusetts Performance Incentive Fund (PIF). MMA instructors who complete the ACUE program will be eligible for course redevelopment grant.

Dr Valeria D'Orazio Acue Follow spotlight

"For more than a decade, I have enjoyed teaching mathematics to college students. However, without appropriate support, overcoming teaching challenges has not always been an easy task. Given that I do not have specific training in education, the opportunity to take the ACUE course has helped me to promote a growth mindset in the classroom by reducing the level of student anxiety and eliminating misconceptions about mathematics. Moreover, this course makes training enjoyable, presenting several effective techniques in an engaging and interactive style."

- Dr. Valeria D'OrazioScience & Mathematics


This course made me go back and review my professional career in academia once more! I have several years of experience teaching senior and junior level engineering courses and have encountered many challenges with students’ academic performance. Amazingly, the ACUE program offered by MMA provided a resource for me to revisit these challenges, helped me to learn about documented and researched approaches to address them, and created a meaningful environment to discuss them with my colleagues."

- Dr. Farzam Maleki, Engineering






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    Members of the 2018-19 ACUE Faculty Cohort

Congratulations to our first ever ACUE faculty cohort!


AY 2018 - 19 ACUE Fellows:

John Belle
Marina Brock
John Christensen
German Colon
Valeria D'Orazio
Melissa Freitag
Margaret French
Laurel Goulet
Wei Yu

Ray Lam
Colleen McRae
Farzam Maleki
Laurie Norman
Becky Norton
Kristin Osborne
Paul Szwed
Mark Whalen